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About Us

Safety. Professionalism. Compliance. Timeliness. Service

PT. Nusatama Indotainer was established in 2012 with safety, professional service, regulatory compliance, and high service levels as the company's core values. We are aware of the importance of these four core values and we believe we will be several steps better than our competitors by prioritizing these core values. Our core business is the transportation of liquid chemicals, particularly hazardous liquid chemicals, and we place safety and regulatory compliance so seriously that we use Iso Tank Containers as our mode of transportation for these chemicals. Not only competent in handling the transportation of these chemicals, we also comply with regulations that apply both in Indonesia and abroad. Some of the foreign rules that we follow are the International Maritime Dangerous Good Code (IMDG Code) and the Dangerous Routier Accord (ADR). Apart from transportation using Iso Tank Containers, we are also developing a business towards trucking or truck transportation services for our customers who already have Iso Tank Containers. Our truck transportation services are specially equipped with a B3 license (Hazardous and Toxic Materials), so we can serve customers who will transport B3 either in Iso tank containers or dry containers. We highly value service level satisfaction because we believe that with an increase in service level satisfaction there will also be an increase in safety and hazard prevention in the shipping process. We hope we can become a provider of chemical transportation services for all companies in Indonesia.

Workers Wearing Helmets and Jackets



Establishment of PT. Nusatama Indotainer as a chemical transporter in Indonesia


New innovation by transporting HCl (Hydrochloric Acid) via Iso Tank


Fulfillment of the Pertamina transportation project in Luwuk, Central Sulawesi.


Additional unit investment of 50 Iso Tanks to serve other chemicals along with contracts from mines.


Business development into the chemical trucking area, both regular and Dangerous Chemicals, with an investment of 22 licensed truck units


Transformation into All in One chemical logistics and transportation services to all areas in Indonesia (including Trucking and Iso Tank rental)

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